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What is EdTech?

EdTech is an innovative software solution that incentivises pupils to enable the lockdown of their smartphones during school hours whilst allowing them to keep their devices with them during the day, it helps them to use their phones positively while fully present and productive in their learning environment.
  • Guardian seamlessly connects the students and admins and may be controlled by the teacher with parameters and rules being set by the appropriate administrators. Functionality also includes the effortless enrolling of students while tracking their compliance
  • Guardian takes the form of an app on a smartphone and can also be used via web browsers on both Mac & PC devices meaning staff can instantly view both sessions & student performance & more importantly – if a pupil decides to opt out of Guardian during a lesson.
  • Implementation is quick & easy and Guardian automatically imports all student data from leading school MIS/SIS such as Capita SIMS.
  • The app features a built-in reward system that serves as an incentive for students. This also encourages the appropriate use of smartphones and better engagement during lesson time.

Guardian also strives to help moderate the unwanted effects of social media, which can contribute to the mental health issues and (possible) cyber bullying experienced by many adolescents. Guardian can begin to tackle these concerns by reducing the use of social media platforms during school hours.

“The well-being and safety of young people in school goes in hand with their ability to concentrate and learn. The ‘Guardian’ App promises to enhance both, offering a practical solution to mobile phone use in school without the need for draconian banning orders. ‘Guardian’ represents a mature response to a 21st century reality: young people increasingly connected through their phones, and the ever greater need for their safety and educational success”

Source: Principal Educational Psychologist and local authority Director of Children’s Services

B.Y.O.D, 4G filter – distraction free devices

Guardian EdTech filters 4G and hotspot connections for secure internet browsing.

Allowing a long list of research sites while blocking notifications, social media and 18+ content. Creating a useful tool without the distraction.

B.Y.O.D – Bring Your Own Device.
Devices in the form of mobile phones should no longer be looked on as distractions or contraband but could be used in classrooms to aid teaching and learning.

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Start Session

Locked Session

With Guardian’s innovative lock functionality, student smartphone control becomes effortless!
  • At the beginning of a school day, students will open the Guardian app on their smartphones and click START SESSION.
  • Their individual student ID codes are then registered to the admin portal, which clearly indicates who is locked into the day.
  • When a student is ‘locked in’, admins are notified if/when a pupil exits the app during a session; Guardian then logs the duration of phone misuse and provides end of session reports for behaviour tracking.
  • Students can earn points! There is an integrated reward system, aimed to encourage students to engage with the Guardian App.

Empowering teachers

Taking back control of the 21st century classroom!
  • Teachers spend at least 5 minutes per lesson dealing with disruptions from phone misuse, roughly totalling 80 hours per year a recent study shows. Guardian aims to drastically reduce this time.
  • Phone disruptions are a contributor to the stress and anxiety that teachers may experience. Guardian is thus an invaluable tool for teaching professionals.
  • All social media notifications are blocked causing less interruptions during school hours.
  • The software is completely automated: it’s programmed to log student activity, helping to achieve uninterrupted lesson time.

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Give more to your students with rewards

Points Awarded



Points can be earned through the correct use of Guardian!
  • Bespoke rewards can be organised by your school, providing a great incentive for students who are top scorers on the app.
  • Goals can be achieved by following policy and staying locked in to the Guardian app for the entirety of a school day.
  • Teachers can manually award or deduct points as they see fit. The choice is theirs.

Guardian implements progressive instructional practices

Guardian’s school improvement plan.

Click on the button to see the 18 improvement fundamentals that Guardian EdTech offers your school.

The 18 fundamentals

Did you know…?


A survey reported that teachers are spending an average of five minutes per lesson policing mobile phone distractions in the classroom. Over the academic year, that equates to a staggering 80 hours of teaching time lost.


Studies indicate that in 2014, 69% of children aged 12-15 used mobile phones. In 2017, that figure rose to 86%. Today, 95% of teenagers have access to a smartphone and thus, the internet; 45% of them admit to being online ‘almost constantly’.


“Teens who are addicted to their phones and the Internet have a chemical imbalance in their brains that predisposes them to depression and anxiety.”
Dr. Hyung Suk Seo, of Korea University


Over 50% of teens in the UK are victims to cyber bullying!

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Why choose EdTech?

For many schools, prohibiting phones has proved unsuccessful.

The majority of students believe that they’re entitled to be in possession of their phone – that it’s their right to carry it around. However, they’re a prime source of distraction. As such, teachers spend valuable lesson time confiscating phones. This can impact the productivity of students, and interrupt their learning environment – not to mention the impact on teacher morale.

Moreover, parents have a viable concern regarding the safety of their children; there needs to be a means of contact in the event of an emergency. This is especially the case for students who independently travel to and from school.

Guardian has been designed to tackle smartphone misuse within classrooms.

It provides a solution that benefits all parties; teachers are granted more control – allowing students to keep their phones -and parents are reassured, knowing a line of communication with their children remains open. Students, too, are rewarded for their efforts, helping to improve their motivation.

Frequently asked questions

Will the teacher or school have access to student phones?2019-09-29T21:26:58+01:00

While pupils are required to use Guardian in school/class times, the app does not allow control or access to a students phone.

Why not ban phones?2019-10-31T11:33:40+00:00
For many schools, banning smartphones has proved unsuccessful with some arguing it to be a step backward for education.

There’s no argument that phones are indeed a problem in the classroom, but there is also no question that they can be used in a positive way in schools.

Here at Guardian we believe phones can be used correctly in schools with the use of our monitor and reward features. We want to work with individual schools and provide a service that is designed to best help your school’s specific smartphone concerns.

We’ve provided two unaffiliated links below discussing the current argument against a phone ban –

metro.co.uk – banning mobile phones in schools would be a big mistake

The Guardian – Damian Hinds – minister rejects call for blanket ban on mobile phones in schools

“Outright banning mobile phones can cause more problems than it solves, driving phone use underground and making problems less visible and obvious for schools to tackle.”
Sarah Hannafin, senior policy adviser for the NAHT 2019.

What is a student needs to contact their parents in an emergency during lesson time?2019-09-29T21:30:50+01:00
The Guardian School Application does not restrict students from using their phones during an emergency.

The phone itself will not be locked down. Using Guardian is just like using any other application, however the teacher will be notified if the student leaves the app. If this is due to an emergency, the teacher can manually override their absence and award points back.

What if a student refuses to download or use Guardian?2019-10-31T11:37:24+00:00
It is solely the school’s discretion how to appropriately handle these situations.

However, by using Guardian students are able to earn rewards providing incentive for correct use. We would advise making the use of Guardian part of school policy.

Is the app an invasion of privacy?2019-10-31T11:42:33+00:00
No. Edtech does not control or access to a students phone.

Guardian only records and monitors when a student is on the app or leaves the app during a set period.

If the problem with grades is having a phone in class, is the app not counter-productive?2019-10-31T11:51:37+00:00
The app is designed to aid learning, not distract from it…

The student app will signal to the teacher admin if a student is misusing his/her device. 

Technology is the future, instead of working against it, we are working with it to create a solution to its own problems.

Instead of fighting the never ending argument to ban phones in the classroom, we are providing an app to keep everyone happy…

Teachers are able to teach in a much more productive manner, students are able to keep hold of their devices, and parents are able to contact their children in an emergency, and their children are able to contact them.

How much does Guardian cost?2019-10-31T11:56:43+00:00
Guardian EdTech will be able to offer a choice of packages and features, so you only pay for what your school needs.

Please get in contact for current prices or to enquire about a free trial. Please note, Guardian is free to download for students.

Please Contact Us with any further questions you may have.

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